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LittleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit

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THE GIZMOS & GADGETS KIT, 2ND EDITION IS THE ULTIMATE INVENTION TOOLBOX. It transforms passive screen-time into a passion for hands-on
inventing, problem-solving and creativity. It’s the first littleBits kit for young inventors that allows them to build inventions AND control them with a
tilt, shake or tap of their smart device. Invent a remote-controlled car and let your phone do the steering. Or build a caterpillar that crawls with the
tap of a tablet! Comes with 13 electronic building blocks, instructions for 16 inventions, and all the accessories and tools you need to unleash the
inventor within.

Product Details
• 16+ INVENTIONS Comes with everything you need for 16 inventions, 1
challenge, and inspiration for tons more!
• 1 HUGE INVENTION GUIDE Get step-by-step instructions for inventions
and challenges, plus ideas for spin-offs and totally new creations.
• ULTIMATE CONTROLS First littleBits kit with Bluetooth Low Energy
technology, allowing kids to build inventions they control from a smart
• Includes 13 BITS :- power, slide dimmer, light sensor, Bluetooth® Low
Energy Bits (×2), wire, split, bargraph, DC motors (×2), servo & hub, buzzer
fan, Aso includes Materials and accessories
• Recommended Age : 8-12