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Circuit Scribe Everything Kit

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The Everything Classroom Kit is a great way to dive into electronics in your classroom or makerspace. This kit includes 25 sets of pens and modules to draw a wide variety of working circuits that use light, motion, and sound. You can use the everything kit to dig into advanced concepts, or to use creative exploration to add the "art" into STEAM.
Modules: 25 x 9V Battery Adapters, 5 x USB Adapters, 50 x LEDs, 25x Switches, 25 x Buzzers, 25 x Multi-Colored LEDs, 25 x Double Switch, 25 x Motors & Foam Wheels, 25 x Dials, 10 x Blinkers, 10 x DIY Connectors, 10 x NPN Transistors, 10 x Light Sensors, 40 x Connector Cables (four 10-Packs) Pens & Accessories: 30 x Circuit Scribe Conductive Ink Pens, 25 x Steel Canvases, 25 x Stencils, 1 x Inventor's Notebook, 1 x Jumper Sticker Sheet. This Class Kit is suitable for up to 30 students