The significance of STEAM and the occupational doors it opens.

The growth of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths) education has rapidly materialized as a result of emerging industries; new technologies (robotics), biotechnology and artificial intelligence. These new fields have brought to light, the need for advanced skills sets – ones that cannot be taught or learnt via outdated educational methods and systems.

STEAM was introduced to curtail these limitations by providing an alternative approach to education, that integrates Science, technology, Arts & Maths in a collaborative and project-based curriculum. Further, it’s focused on cultivating skills required for future workplaces whilst also considering roles that don’t even exist yet.

How you can begin to introduce STEAM

Model leading schools –See how effective STEAM application has benefit other schools and follow a similar format.

Develop a Maker space –Designed to challenge students in a ‘hands on’ way, a Makerspace allows students to experience problem solving and its real-life applicability. Fill your space with the latest STEAM resources to ignite imagination >

Implement Project Based Learning -Deep dive into real life complexities and give your students the opportunity to solve them.

Integrate art - A comprehensive arts education program develops critical skills of communication, innovation, and creativity.

Need more reasons to introduce STEAM? 100 Jobs of the Future report commissioned by Ford revealed the types of new opportunites that will be available to our students in the future.


Additive manufacturing engineer
Automation anomaly analyst
Biomimicry innovator
Bioprinting engineer
Chief digital augmentation officer
Child assistant bot programmer
DigiTech troubleshooter
Digital implant designer
Energy and data systems installer
Ethical hacker
Gamification designer
Integrated home technology brokers
Machine-learning developert
Mechatronics engineer
New materials engineer
Quantum computer programmer
Robot ethicist
Robot mechanic
Satellite network maintenance engineer
Shadowtech manager
Smart dust wrangler


100 year counsellor
Aged health carer of the future
AI educator
Community support worker
Cross-cultural capability facilitators
Cyborg psychologist
Decision support worker
Digital memorialists and archivists
Displaced persons re-integrator
Drone experience designer
Early childhood teacher
Lifelong education advisor
Local community co-ordinator
Smart dust wrangler
Personal brand manager & content curator


Intellectual property negotiator
Blockchain talent analyst
Chief ethics officer
Community farm finance broker
Drone airspace regulator
Innovation manager
Personalised marketer
Real-virtual transfer shop manager
Sharing auditors


Data-based medical diagnostician
Genetics coach
Health shaper
Memory optimiser
Nanomedical engineer
Nutri-gutome consultant
Virtual surgeon


Aged persons climate solutions consultant
De-extinction geneticist
Digital apiarist
Entomicrobiotech cleaners
Flood control engineer
Integrated ecology restoration worker
Waste reclamation and upcycling specialist
Water management specialist
Weather control engineer


Agroecological farmer
Cricket farmer
Farm safety advisor


Automated transit system troubleshooter
Autonomous vehicle profile designer
Biofilm plumber
Biometric security solutions engineer
Human habitat designer
Integrated energy systems strategist
Massive 3D printed building designer
Net positive architect
Regional community growth co-ordinator
Sustainable energy solutions engineer


Algorithm interpreter
Behaviour prediction analyst
Data commodities broker
Data farmer
Data privacy strategist
Data storage solutions designer
Data waste recycler
Forensic data analyst
Freelance virtual clutter organiser
Predictive regulation analyst


Analogue experience guide
Food knowledge communicator
Haptic technology designer
Media remixer
Multisensory experience designer
Space tourism operator
Sportsperson of the future
Swarm artist
Virtual and augmented reality experience creator
Virtual assistant personality designer


Offworld habitat designer
Terraforming microbiologist